MP urges residents to follow Countryside Code

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 28 January 2021

HINCKLEY and Bosworth’s Member of Parliament, Dr. Luke Evans (CONS), has urged residents to adhere to the Countryside Code when passing through the countryside or local fields on walks as a part of their daily exercise.

(Unsplash / Parliament UK)

The MP’s plea to residents regarding sticking to the Countryside Code comes after he was contacted by his constituents, members of the local farming community, and others who have raised concerns about litter.

As the borough of Hinckley and Bosworth has a large agricultural economy and people continue their walks through the countryside, the Bosworth MP is echoing the concerns raised by the farmers, who rely on good husbandry to live, making sure that the environment is not spoiled by litter, bags, or dog waste left whilst on walks on the land.

In a statement issued to The Hinckley Free Press, Dr. Luke Evans, said: “For obvious reasons getting outdoor exercise is one of the few things that most of us are able to enjoy at the moment.

“In Hinckley and Bosworth we are really fortunate that many of us have beautiful countryside in walking distance of our homes, with some of the best marked trails in the country. We want it to stay that way!

“If you are out and about enjoying the countryside as part of your daily exercise please do remember to follow the Countryside Code.

“Our countryside is a vitally important part of our local economy but also environmentally, and right now it is important that we do all we can to help farmers by following the code, and clear up after ourselves when enjoying our green spaces.

“In particular it’s important that we stick to waymarked paths; that we don’t trample on crops, and that we don’t feed livestock which may well be on a specialised diet.”

‘Respect, protect, enjoy’ are the main principles of the Countryside Code, which remind visitors to leave properties and gates as they were found upon arrival – visitors are asked to follow paths unless wider access is available.

Those visiting the sites should not leave any traces of their visit by keeping hold of their litter and taking it home with them, and place dog waste in the necessary bins on-site.

Dogs should be kept under ‘effective’ control especially around livestock, and users should follow advice and local signs.

Marked routes are clearly indicated in their own section on Leicestershire County Council’s website, linked here and the full Countryside Code can be found here on the Government’s official website.

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