Scammers sending fake coronavirus vaccine emails

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 26 January 2021

FAKE coronavirus vaccine emails have started to spread and surface to email inboxes online, according to reports received by Leicestershire Police.

The hoax emails, posing as the NHS Test and Trace e-Referral Service, are trying to trick web users by copying aspects and design layouts of an official NHS Test and Trace coronavirus email which would usually be received for those needing to book tests.

The emails are obvious dupes to spot, as they has been written with rather poor grammar, and are missing basic punctuation skills and sentence structures.

It includes two buttons ‘Accept’ and ‘Reject’, both of which lead to the trick websites in question, which will then ask for the user’s sensitive personal information, such as home addresses, full name, and banking information.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council have been alerted of the situation and reminded residents that an official NHS Test and Trace email would never ask for online banking details.

The coronavirus vaccine is free of charge on the NHS service, so the real NHS would not ask for any copies of personal identification documents, or banking information in the first place.

Ann Pendlebury, a Hinckley Councillor for the Clarendon Ward, was one of the many Hinckley residents who had received a copy of the fake email to their inbox.

Cllr. Pendlebury was quick to warn her Twitter followers of the spam being spread. She said: “I Received a scam email today inviting me for a COVID vaccine. Please be aware there are some very wicked people around.”

Phishing and suspicious emails can be reported and forwarded to the Government by simply forwarding them to

Remember to forward any suspicious text messages that have been sent to you to 7726 – you will not be charged for using the service to report spam, and you will be thanked with an automated message for doing so, to confirm it has gone through.

A supplied screenshot of the email to look out for has been attached below.

The unedited scam email in question (Supplied: Screenshot)

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