Railway bridge remains untouched despite resident concerns

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 22 January 2021

CONCERNS were raised early this morning by Hinckley residents after they believed that the town’s notorious lorry-battered railway bridge, located on the A5, near Nutts Lane, Hinckley, was hit today (22 January).

(Google Street View)

A post was submitted to a town Facebook forum, named Spotted Hinckley, at 11.57am, when a resident, who wished to remain anonymous, posted that they believed the bridge had been struck by a vehicle.

The post was attached with an accompanying snap of a lorry near the bridge, captioned “Just now: A5 hit bridge”.

Whilst Leicestershire Police received a report of the bridge ‘being hit’, at around the same time this was posted, they revealed to The Hinckley Free Press that the vehicle in question had not actually made contact with the bridge.

The only problem that had arose following the incident was that the incident had created traffic issues for those using the roads and passing through around the same time.

By the time that Leicestershire Police officers had made their way down to the scene to investigate further, the lorry was no longer present at the site.

Although the bridge had remained intact today, it was awarded the title of the ‘most-bashed bridge in Britain’ back in November 2020, after it was hit a whopping total of 25 times that year.

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