Comparing our Hinckley to Hinckley in Illinois

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 15 January 2021

LEICESTERSHIRE is home to our market town of Hinckley, but did you know that there is a small village in the United States which sports the same name?

Hinckley, Illinois, USA (Google Street View)

There is another town with the same name across the pond almost a nine-hour flight away (8 hours and 56 minutes), located in the state of Illinois.

We’re going to be taking a look at the differences between the areas of our Hinckley in Leicestershire and Hinckley in Illinois and how the areas differ from each other.

All information is correct at the time of publication (15 January 2021).


In the estimated population figures made publicly available in 2018 issued by the Office for National Statistics, it was suggested that our Hinckley in Leicestershire has 112,423 residents.

Whilst, in data that has been gathered from the United States Census Bureau from 2019 just two years ago, the village of Hinckley is much, much, smaller with only 2,070 people living there in total.


Leicestershire’s Hinckley is home to two secondary schools in the town itself – The Redmoor Academy, on Wykin Road, and The Hinckley Academy and John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre, on Butt Lane.

Hinckley Academy and John Cleveland College (Google Street View)

The Stateside-village of the same name only has one place of education in the entire village, named Hinckley Big Rock School.

Big Rock, located on the West Lincoln Highway, operates as an elementary school, middle school, and high school, all from the same site.

Big Rock School (Google Street View)


Hinckley’s town library here, aptly-named Hinckley Library, is owned by Leicestershire County Council and is located on Lancaster Road near The Crescent’s bus station and frozen-food retailer, Iceland.

Hinckley Library and Learning Centre, Leicestershire (Google Street View)

Inside, avid bookworms are able to withdraw books for personal use, rent out DVDs, look at old newspapers and journals on microfiche, use the public computers to browse and use for leisure purposes, and scan and print off documents.

Adults can partake in ‘Knit and Stitch’ groups, use the study rooms, visit work clubs, enterprise clubs, and colouring clubs, and take part in Scrabble group sessions – a coffee machine is also available for adult use.

Parents can bring their children to take part in fun sessions for them, including the Wriggly Reader events and a kids ‘stay and play’ group.

This is not too dissimilar in Illinois – their village library is a public library named the Hinckley Public Library District, located on 100 Maple Lane.

Hinckley Public Library District, Illinois (Google Street View)

Eight public computers are available to use for members, as is access to their scanning services where users can scan their documents directly to their email address for free.

They claim to host an impressive number of over 100 events every year. Like in the Library over in the UK, users are able to use the coffee machine.

Users are able to visit with their friends in order to complete puzzles together, and parents are able to bring their children and visit the Libraries’ LEGO® corner.

Rather uniquely and interestingly, the public library offer a service that the Leicestershire’s Library doesn’t – their own T-shirt printing service where users can print their own T-shirts.

Parks and green spaces

Hinckley in Leicestershire is home to a few different parks and green spaces in town itself – these include Granville Park, Richmond Park, Queens Park, and the award-winning Hollycroft Park and Argents Mead, just to name a few.

Argents Mead, Hinckley, Leicestershire (Mason Moore for The Hinckley Free Press)

Illinois is only home to three green spaces and parks. The first is named Garfield Park, on Garfield Street.The second is named Pioneer Park, on the West Lincoln Highway near Big Rock School, and the third being Roadside Park, on Lincoln Avenue, which welcomes visitors as they arrive in.

The entrance way into Roadside Park, Lincoln Avenue, Hinckley, USA (Google Street View)


When you think of fast-food chains, the first thing that your mind jumps to is the big American-owned chain brand restaurants, like McDonald’s, KFC, or Subway.

Hinckley in Leicestershire is home to all three of these chain brands, but rather shockingly, it isn’t the States with more of them than us in Hinckley, Illinois, we have more than them.

We boast two McDonald’s drive-thrus – one on the Dodwells Island the other near Morrisons, two Subway stores, with one on Castle Street and the other on the Maple Lane Industrial Estate, just down the road from KFC on the very same road.

Subway in Castle Street, Hinckley, Leicestershire (Mason Moore for The Hinckley Free Press)

Meanwhile, Illinois is only home to one fast-food spot, a Subway sandwich shop, located on the road opposite the West Lincoln Highway.

Subway on the West Lincoln Highway (Google Street View)

They are also home to one ‘drive-in’ ice cream parlour, named the Dairy Joy Drive-In on East Lincoln Avenue. East Lincoln Avenue is also home to the independent-operated and locally-owned pizza restaurant named Brian’s Pizza.


Over here, have an awful lot of variety on where to drink in, whether it be the Elbow Room Cider and Ale House, The New Baron of Hinckley, Revival, or the Pestle and Mortar.

The New Baron of Hinckley, Leicestershire (Supplied to The Hinckley Free Press)

State-side, over in Hinckley in Illinois, they have two village pubs, named The Brown Pub and J & K’s Moon and Tavern.

J & K’s Moon Tavern, Hinckley, Illinois (Google Street View)


We have four supermarkets in our town – Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco, and that’s just counting the mainstream supermarkets, counting the discounters we also have Aldi and Lidl.

The Co-operative, One Stop and Best-One, Sainsbury’s Local and Tesco are just a few of our town convenience stores.

The One Stop in Hollycroft, Hinckley, Leicestershire (Google Street View)

The only store to serve the entire village of Hinckley, Illinois, is the Hinckley Fresh Market convenience store on James Street.

Hinckley Fresh Market, James Street (Google Street View)

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