Seasonal spirit spread by Barwell Council

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 3 January 2021

GENEROUS bosses at Barwell Parish Council helped spread the seasonal spirit in the village at Christmastime by giving specially prepared Christmas parcels to those who needed a bit of Christmas cheer after a rather challenging year.

Those involved with the project (Supplied by Mathew Hulbert to The Hinckley Free Press)

The Parish Council partnered with many community groups in the area to put the parcels together and hand deliver them to different households across the village.

The scheme was thought up by Barwell’s acting Council Chairman, Michael Gould – it started off as one of Gould’s concepts and turned into reality in just a matter of weeks.

Councillor Mathew Hulbert, Chair of the Council’s Voluntary Sector Working Group, helped turn the thought-up plans into reality, as he organised the scheme.

The parcels included festive goods like Christmas crackers, Christmas cards, and something for residents who have children – recipients were nominated by Councillors, Local Area Coordinators, and others in the area.

The Barwell and Earl Shilton Lions and Barwell Befrienders had given the Parish Council a helping hand in the project and Earl Shilton’s Co-operative store provided a few of the goods for the parcels.

Councillor comments

Barwell Councillor Mathew Hulbert (Supplied to The Hinckley Free Press)

Mathew Hulbert, a Barwell Councillor, said: “It was fantastic to work with a number of partners for this project, the first of its kind undertaken by the Parish Council.

“We’d like to thank everyone who played a part in it, including the various local groups and the Co-Op.

“I’d especially like to thank our Clerk and Deputy Clerk, who did so much to bring the scheme to fruition.

“As a Parish Council we know that this has been a very difficult year for so many people, especially the most vulnerable in our community and we just wanted to do a little something to bring a smile to people’s faces.

“We’ve received a lot of lovely, positive feedback from those who received them which is very much appreciated.

“We will be looking at hopefully doing something similar in future years.”

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