Brio Media’s ‘Project X’ revealed

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 16 December 2020

BRIO MEDIA, Hinckley’s creative graphic design duo, have officially revealed what ‘Project X’ was, which they were busy working on from June earlier on this year.

Pictured: The ‘Project X’ LEGO® Brio Bot and Christmas card (Supplied by Brio Media to The Hinckley Free Press)

Back on 16 November just a month ago, we reported that Brio Media, founded by Alex Russell and Elliott Wynd-Jennings, had taken to their official social media platforms to tease a newly-announced project titled ‘Project X’, which they were working on secretively behind the scenes from their Studio.

The design duo did leave a few potential hints in their posts – these included a Santa emoji and Christmas tree, which turned speculation towards this year’s new Christmas card design.

The Brio boys, Alex and Elliott, have put their creative design skills to good use each year since founding as a company and created their Christmas cards which go out to friends, family, and clients who are close to the brand.

Recently, just 14 days ago (2 December), Brio posted the official reveal of what ‘Project X’ was with the caption: “It’s finally here! We’re excited to reveal Project X 2020! Watch the film. #PROJECTX #Christmas2020 #HappyHolidays.”

The reveal turned out to be a Brio Media-branded ‘Brio Bot’ LEGO® character, which was exclusively built of LEGO® blocks, fitted with its very own instruction manual on how to piece the ‘Brio Bot’ together, as well as this year’s newly-printed annual Christmas card – the Christmas card was both designed and printed in-house for the first time this year.

A link to the Project X reveal video can be found on Brio Media’s official YouTube channel, linked here.

Alex Russell, Co-Founder of Brio Media, said: “Project X has been in the making since June, I never thought we’d be able to create a Brio Bot Lego set but it’s finally here and we’re so happy!”

Elliott Wynd-Jennings, Co-Founder of Brio Media, said: “It’s been great to be able to produce this year’s Christmas card in-house from start to finish. It was fun to learn how to screen print and we plan to use this skill in 2021 on more projects.”

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