Tackling Tier 3: Hinckley pub apply to become place of worship

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 2 December 2020

NIRAD SOLANKI, a Hinckley publican and founder of Elmesthorpe Brewery, has submitted official documentation to launch a new religion which would see his Regent Street-based boozer transformed into a place of worship named ‘The Church of the New Baron’ for ‘New Barionials’ to visit, if plans are approved.

The potential place of worship (Supplied by The New Baron of Hinckley to The Hinckley Free Press)

Solanki has officially submitted the document by putting the papers in the post at approximately 4pm this afternoon (2 December) in hopes that he will be able to re-open the Hinckley drinking hole as a place of religious practice and worship by filling out the form for Certifying a Place of Meeting for Religious Worship under the Places of Worship Registration Act 1855.

The Hinckley Free Press have been supplied with the official documents which show that Nirad has applied for the town centre pub to become a place of worship as a way to tackle the Tier 3 restrictions in town.

The sent-off submitted application (Nirad Solanki for The Hinckley Free Press)

The stunt comes after Hinckley and Bosworth have been placed in ‘Tier 3’, the highest of the coronavirus tiers, which means that they are ‘at very high risk’.

As a result of being in Tier 3, bars and restaurants have to remain shut for dine-in purposes and can only offer takeaway services, however, places of worship can remain open.

If plans do go ahead, The New Baron of Hinckley would be transformed into ‘The Church of the New Baron’ under Tier 3 restrictions.

Regular patrons would be able to join the religion as ‘New Barionials’, and bar staff would become ‘New Baronnuns’. Solanki himself would be addressed as ‘Father Niri’.

Nirad Solanki himself (Supplied by Nirad Solanki to The Hinckley Free Press)

One-to-one confession sessions with ‘Father Niri’ himself would be available over paid religious offerings of ‘holy ale’ and ‘holy chicken’.

Solanki’s statement

Speaking about the impact of Tier 3, Nirad Solanki, said: “We feel like this is a personal attack on the hospitality industry, pubs in particular.

“In my opinion, we are much safer than supermarkets and gyms, yet we aren’t allowed to re-open under ‘Tier 3’ restrictions.

“So many older and younger people rely on our watering hole in the heart of Hinckley, not just to eat and drink but from a social sanity perspective.

“Perhaps by being able to open as a ’place of worship’, we can attempt to at least meet as a New Baron Communion as New Baronials.”

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  1. A multi faith center would be brilliant im a pagan and proud and no we don’t sacrifice people we just live by the laws of nature now if we had somewhere to go that would be great

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