Market Place café Coffee Rio permanently closes

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 25 November 2020

MANAGEMENT at a Market Place-based café in Hinckley town centre have sadly made the unfortunate announcement to their loyal customers and hungry diners that they have permanently closed their doors for good.

Hinckley’s Coffee Rio cafe (Mason Moore for The Hinckley Free Press)

The news follows just two months after the independent coffee house re-opened their doors back in early September under the ownership of a brand new management team who continued to serve up cakes and coffee to customers.

A spokesperson for the cafe made the announcement in a saddening statement posted to social media platform Facebook yesterday morning (24 November).

It reads: “We’re absolutely gutted to tell all of our wonderful customers that we’re now unfortunately permanently closed.

“We gave it a good shot and we’ve enjoyed meeting you all and getting to know everyone.

“Sadly, staying open isn’t an option. We want to thank you all so much for your custom and support over the last few months. We wish you all well and that you stay safe.”

Avid customers and coffee fans who have used the town’s greasy spoon in the past voiced their opinions on social media about the closure, proving that it will be missed by many.

One customer said: “So sad reading this. I’m gutted for you all. You are all amazing hard working women and I’m going to miss the best caramel lattes in Hinckley.”

Lisa Holt said: “So sorry to hear this. Got to be the right choice for you. Good luck for the future.”

Suzanne Callington said: “Gutted to read this. Such a difficult time to take on a business and you all gave it your absolute everything. Current circumstances made it so difficult.”

Another added: “So sorry for you all. So sad.”

Coffee Rio was first launched by the café’s previous franchisee and owner, Helen Reid, who sold the business on to the new management team back in August.

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