Hinckley Historian’s Winter edition now available

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 19 November 2020

A NEW Winter edition of The Hinckley Historian, Hinckley’s local history magazine, has been released.

The front cover (Supplied by Phillip Lindley for The Hinckley Free Press)

The new edition of the publication is only available by post from The Hinckley and District Museum on Bond Street due to the national lockdown and coronavirus restrictions that have been put in place.

The last copy of the Hinckley Historian to be published was in Summer earlier this year, as the Museum only publish two editions every year.

This edition includes two main illustrated feature articles. The first, titled “The History of Dadlington”, a feature piece by the Historian’s Editor, David Knight. Dadlington is a small village just a six-minute drive away from Hinckley.

The second feature story is titled “Hinckley’s Greatest Victorian – Benjamin Law” by contributor Paul Seaton, which focuses on the life of Benjamin Law.

Benjamin Law served as the master of Hinckley’s workhouse and was involved in town affairs. Law was the father of Charlotte Mary Brame, a local famous author and romance novelist.

The Hinckley Historian is a specialist local history magazine for avid local history fans and elderly ‘Hinckleyans’, who enjoy reminiscing on Hinckley and the Hinckley District areas in past times.

In regular times, residents would be able to pick up copies of The Hinckley Historian from their usual stockists – The Hinckley and District Museum itself on their open days, The Hinckley Library, and Hinckley and Rugby Building Society.

The magazine costs £3 through the post, as postage and package as included in the price. This only sets residents back £1 more than the usual £2 price when sold in stores over the counter.

Subscriptions for The Hinckley Historian in 2021 are available at just £6 the year. The price includes the postage and packing of the two yearly editions.

Hinckley residents and Hinckley Museum supporters can purchase copies by sending a cheque for £3 made payable to Hinckley and District Museum Ltd, or by sending cash in an envelope along with their name and address to the Museum.

The magazine was first published back 43 years ago as a members-only publication by local historian Hugh Beavin for the Hinckley Local History Group.

Two editions of the magazine are produced a year – this has been the case since The Hinckley Local History Group merged with The Hinckley Museum back in 2012.

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