Atkins announce upcoming virtual collaboration

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 14 November 2020

A DIGITALLY-COLLABORATED exhibition from The Atkins Building and a partner will be ‘coming soon’, bosses at the Bond Street-based multi-use facility have confirmed.

Hinckley’s Atkins Building (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

The news of the upcoming collaboration was announced by bosses at Hinckley’s Atkins Building on their official Twitter account yesterday afternoon (13 November).

Atkins will be working in partnership with The Hinckley Great Meeting Chapel on a virtually-collaborated digital exhibition to explore the long relationship between the former industrial factory building and the local Chapel.

Hinckley’s Great Meeting Unitarian Chapel is located directly behind The Atkins Building on Baines Lane.

At the time of publication on 14 November, no further information about the upcoming project by those involved in the collaboration on their websites or social media channels.

Through these troubling times with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Atkins have hosted a series of virtual exhibitions as they have had to close their doors to members of the general public.

As we reported just seven days ago, Atkins illuminated their building in red lights on Remembrance Sunday for The British Royal Legion’s Poppy Appeal to remember Hinckley’s fallen and unsung heroes.

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