Barwell Councillor joins new network to champion LGBT+ issues

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 5 November 2020

MATHEW HULBERT, a Barwell-based Councillor and LGBT+ Rights Campaigner, has become a founding member for a new national group of locally elected LGBT+ representatives.

Hulbert, who serves as a Liberal Democrat Parish Councillor in Barwell, is one of the first participants to join the newly launched group, which is named the LGBT+ Liberal Democrats Councillor Network.

The LGBT+ Liberal Democrats are an internal group of the Liberal Democrats who champion LGBT+ issues in the party.

The new network is made up of Liberal Democrat Councillors from all around the country who are members of LGBT+ communities.

The group has been described as a safe place by Hulbert, where discussions can be held about what it is like to be an Out-elected representative.

Members can discuss what issues are of concern to LGBT+ communities and what the party and their Councillors can do to help out with these issues.

Mr. Hulbert believes that the newly founded network will be an important forum and platform.

Speaking to The Hinckley Free Press, Mathew Hulbert, said: “Though we’ve undoubtedly come a long way in regards to increased rights for LGBT+ people, it’s still true to say that there is a long way to go.

“Especially in regards to full rights, recognition and equity for Transgender, gender fluid and non-binary individuals.

“We’ve also seen a rise in the number of hate crimes against LGBT+ people recently and this network is an important forum to raise this and other issues and to discuss what we, as Out Councillors, can do to ensure that the message is heard loud and clear in our communities that there is ‘no place for hate.

He further continues: “It’s also a safe space where we can discuss our experiences as LGBT+ people who also hold public office.

“I look forward to participating in the network’s virtual meetings over the months and years ahead.”

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