‘Pizza Shut’: Haymarket’s Hut gone for good

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 23 October 2020

LEICESTER’S Pizza Hut branch on the Haymarket have closed their doors for good, The Hinckley Free Press have learnt.

The ‘Pizza Hut’ logo letters can only just be recognised (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

The former Pizza Hut restaurant branch, which were best known for their infamous family-favourite all you can eat buffets, and pepperoni and margherita pizzas, have sadly permanently closed their doors.

The high-street Hut was located just opposite another eatery in the city, the Tim Hortons café and bakery.

As The Hinckley Free Press first reported about this back in August, a spokesperson for Pizza Hut Restaurants confirmed that the closure weren’t just earmarked, and on the cards, but the plans were officially going ahead.

How the unit looked back on 23 September (Ashton Berrill and Myles Vickers for The Hinckley Free Press)

The Haymarket-located Hut was confirmed to close with 28 other of the American pizza chain’s branches in the United Kingdom in late September, after Pizza Hut had negotiated a Company Voluntary Agreement deal, to make up for the impact that was caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Hut has now been stripped of their storefront signage with a nod to its past life still visible – the words ‘Pizza Hut’ and the ‘Hut’ logo are still faintly visible. The wall inside still features the ‘This Hut is made for sharing’ tagline.

Looking from the outside, the unit has not been completely emptied out yet, meaning that passers-by and former diners of the eatery can still see some of the vibrant inside, with some signs of its past use.

Also in Leicester, an American fast-food restaurant Taco Bell, who are also owned by Yum! Brands like Pizza Hut, are in the early stages of getting their newly-acquired store up and running to the general public.

The Hinckley Free Press will keep you updated with news if any new occupants take on the former Pizza Hut Restaurant in the future.

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