Quiz: How well do you know Hinckley?

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 22 October 2020

RESIDENTS in Hinckley in the modern day may think they know and love their beloved market town all too well, but how do you fare when taking part in our Hinckley general knowledge quiz?

Hinckley signage (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

Why don’t you have a go and see how well you do. Track your score and share it with us on social media at @hinckfreepress on Twitter, and simply ‘Hinckley Free Press’ on Facebook.

1) What road was demolished for The Crescent complex?

  1. Mount Road
  2. Station Road
  3. Brunel Road

2) What now-defunct newspaper once rivalled The Hinckley Times?

  1. The Hinckley Historian
  2. The Hinckley Herald
  3. The Hinckley Post

3) Which department store did Jaspers take over from?

  1. The Co-op
  2. BHS
  3. TJ Hughes

4) What is the name of the building adjacent to the Hinckley College?

  1. The Ten 2 Gallery
  2. The Hinckley Hub
  3. The Atkins Building

5) Which discount store was located on Regent Street?

  1. Netto
  2. Kwik Save
  3. UGO

6) Which iconic cinema faced partial demolition for a supermarket?

  1. The Danilo
  2. The Regent
  3. The Odeon

7) What is the new name of Hinckley’s former ‘Baron’ pub?

  1. The Big Baron of Hinckley
  2. The New Baron of Hinckley
  3. The Brand New Baron of Hinckley

8) Who currently occupies the former Woolworths store?

  1. Wilko
  2. B&M Bargains
  3. Bargain Buys

9) What was ‘The Hollybush’ on Bond Street?

  1. A restaurant
  2. A café
  3. A micro-pub

10) What chicken restaurant was once based in Market Place?

  1. Nando’s
  2. KFC
  3. Red Rooster


For those who want to make sure that they’ve got their answers right, or see how well they have fared on the quiz. Here are the answers.

  1. Brunel Road
  2. The Hinckley Herald
  3. The Co-op
  4. The Atkins Building
  5. Kwik Save
  6. The Regent
  7. The New Baron of Hinckley
  8. B&M Bargains
  9. A restaurant
  10. KFC

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