Independent Burbage jewellers relocating

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 18 October 2020

A BURBAGE-based jewellers are relocating their brand to a newly-purchased premises.

Thorpe & Brown’s new space (Google Street View)

A local independently-owned jewellery shop, Thorpe and Brown Jewellers, are moving from their existing location of Studio 3 in the Taragon Business Centre on Coventry Road to their newly-purchased premises at 60 Church Street in Burbage.

The jewellers have permanently closed the doors to their past location as they have now vacated from the space, to focus on the necessary renovations and refurbishments to set up shop in their new store in Church Street.

Thorpe and Brown are aiming to reopen in their new and get set up serving customers in their new space by Saturday 24 October.

Customers with queries regarding the store who still need to get in touch with the jewellers can do so through email, where they are providing assistance through their email inbox at, where their team will respond ‘as soon as they can’.

Thorpe and Brown sell bangles, chains, earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, charms, and wristwatches, just to name a few of their popular items.

Back on Friday 9 October, a spokesperson recorded a video explaining the move. They said: “We’ve had a plan that’s came into fruition. We’ve got a new start, so Thorpe & Brown is going to be moving on up into the centre of the village.”

The new premises in Church Street used to be home to Moores of Burbage, who were interior designers who specialised in kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom design.

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