Recognising Kirkby Mallory’s very own Ada Lovelace

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 13 October 2020

TODAY celebrates the life of Ada Lovelace, a well-known historic name and figure who lived in close proximity to the Hinckley area in the nearby Leicestershire village of Kirkby Mallory.

A portrait of Ada Lovelace (PUBLIC DOMAIN)

Ada Lovelace day celebrates the achievements of women working in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and maths.

Lovelace was born as Augusta Ada Byron in the city of London back on 10 December 1815 to an English poet, Lord George Gordon Byron, and Lady Anne Isabella Byron, who was a mathematician.

Ada unfortunately passed away at the young age of 36 on 27 November 1852 due to uterine cancer.

‘World’s first computer programmer’

During her younger years, Ada had taken an interest in the field of mathematics, which greatly helped her on during her later years throughout her career.

She is believed to have been ‘the world’s first computer programmer’ and she worked with ‘the father of the computer’ Charles Babbage, on The Analytic Engine, which was a proposed mechanical general-use computer.

Without realising it during it the time she lived, Ada developed a vision that computers were capable of much more than just calculations and crunching numbers.

Her name is now mainly recognised by both computer programmers and mathematicians. She has even been named ‘the modern mother of computer programming’ by programming websites.

It’s not just programming students who were inspired by her either – a computer programming language named ‘Ada’ was created for The United States Department of Defense, which was named after her.

Still being recognised in Hinckley

Locally, Back in November 2019, Hinckley’s Atkins Building on Bond Street next door to Hinckley College, held an exhibition regarding the life of Lovelace to recognise her life due to her Leicestershire links.

After the event on social media, a spokesperson for Atkins said that the event ‘had been the most visited exhibition’ that year.

The Hinckley site of North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College adjacent to the Atkins Building now have the replica painting of Lovelace which was used from the Atkins exhibition.

This was kindly donated back in January by the team at Atkins just three months after the event. The replica portrait sits above the entrance and exit doors where College students pass by and look at the photo each day.

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