Trainspotters gather as steam loco passes through Hinckley

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 7 October 2020

TRAINSPOTTERS in Hinckley gathered around the town railway station today to witness a steam locomotive passing through.

Braunton passing through Hinckley (Supplied by Claire Shergold to the Hinckley Free Press)

The Braunton 34046 steam locomotive departed from Crewe this morning and darted under the passenger footbridge at Hinckley’s railway station at approximately at 8.10am, where it passed through to head to the city of Leicester.

Steam streamed online

Many passionate trainspotters and intrigued residents went on down to take photographs and videos of the steam making its way through the station, which they later shared on social media platforms.

Hinckley resident Claire Shergold livestreamed the Braunton 34046 locomotive making its way through the town on the trainlines.

Shergold shared the livestream to Facebook’s local town history group, Hinckley District Past and Present, for those who couldn’t make it or those who were still at home.

Claire had first heard the news in a post on the local history group which was originally shared by group owner Paul Gardner.

Local history group owner comments

Local Historian and Owner of Hinckley District Past and Present, Paul Gardner, said: “it was the first steam loco’ to actually stop to pick up passengers in years.

“Normally they rush straight through, so it gave steam lovers chance to enjoy the spectacle of 34046 Braunton which was built in 1946.”

Failed on return

The steam was expected to depart from Bridgnorth as first mentioned on railway news website, Rail News for its return journey and would have passed back through Hinckley at approximately 10.26 pm tonight, however this is no longer going ahead.

Sadly for lovers of steam, the steam loco failed on its return journey, so it is being bought back on diesel. A member of the Nuneaton Steam Club on Facebook who was on board the steam was able to officially confirm the news that the loco had failed.

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