Snappy set for ‘pizza the action’ in Nuneaton

Vaughan Moore and Mason Moore | 3 October 2020

A new lease of life has been revealed for a chicken takeaway restaurant space in Nuneaton’s town centre.

The unit undergoing refurbishment works (Vaughan Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

Slices will be served as the English branch of the American pizza brand known as Snappy Tomato Pizza have snapped up the unit located in Church Street.

Yesterday on Friday 2 October, passers-by in town noticed that work was ongoing inside the unit as it is currently being refurbished inside. An opening date is yet to be publicly revealed.

Snappy Tomato Pizza exclusively confirmed to The Hinckley Free Press that the plans for the Nuneaton location are going ahead.

The newly-acquired location for the brand was best known to town-goers for being home to one of Nuneaton’s first fast-food chains, Wimpy.

Once Wimpy closed their doors for good, the space was later occupied by three other occupants – Dixy Chicken, Benny’s, and Mojos.

History of Snappy

Snappy’s first launched across the pond in the United States, where they opened their first flagship store all the way in Fort Mitchell Kentucky in 1978 by Robert Rotunda.

The chain are well-known for their “Beast” party pizza, which is an equivalent to three large pizzas. They are also known for their signature square slices.

Local branches

Locally, the chain currently have an existing location in Nuneaton’s neighbouring market town of Bedworth.

Coventry are home to two Snappy takeaway restaurants, with one being on Hipswell Highway and the other being located on Spon End.

The Hinckley Free Press will keep you updated with this story as more information becomes available.

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