Leicester losing Haymarket’s Pizza Hut

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 23 September 2020

LEICESTER’S high street Pizza Hut on Haymarket are sadly set to close their doors.

Haymarket’s Pizza Hut restaurant (Supplied by Ashton Berrill and Myles Vickers to the Hinckley Free Press)

The dine-in Pizza Hut restaurant in the city centre are set to serve their last few ‘za’s to hungry and keen diners, who are eager for the opportunity to ‘taste freedom’ with their tasty meals and deals.

The decision to close the Haymarket Hut comes after Pizza Hut Restaurants joined a list of dining chains who are currently negotiating a Company Voluntary Agreement deal, in order to make up for the financial impact which was caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the mid-seventies, Pizza Hut have had a well-known presence in their Haymarket restaurant space, where they have served slices to many families, friends, couples, tourists, and individuals.

Residents still have enough time to dine-in and pile up their plates with pasta and pizza in a COVID-safe environment, before the restaurant closes sooner than later.

The saddening announcement was first made when the news broke to national British newspapers and media outlets just two weeks ago when a total of 29 restaurant closures were announced by the global pizza chain.

The official closing date is not public information at the time of publication, but those attending the Hut for the time being should consider that it won’t be there for much longer.

Pizza Hut’s response

In a statement to The Hinckley Free Press, a spokesperson explained further about the coming closure to the Haymarket branch.

A spokesperson for Pizza Hut Restaurants said: “Pizza Hut Restaurants (PHR), the UK dine-in franchise business of the global Pizza Hut brand, is currently negotiating a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA) in order to mitigate the financial impact of Covid-19.

“PHR is one of many hospitality brands that has faced significant disruption and despite a quick, Covid-safe reopening, sales are not expected to fully bounce back until well into 2021.

“At this stage, we are doing everything we can to redeploy our team members from our Pizza Hut Restaurants locations that are at the highest risk of closure, including the Pizza Hut Restaurant on high street Haymarket in Leicester, and minimise the impact to our workforce.

“We are therefore unable to share further detail on closures. We understand this is a difficult time for everyone involved and are supporting our team members as much as possible throughout this transition.”

Nearest Pizza Hut Restaurants

For those still wanting to show their support to local Pizza Hut Restaurants once the Haymarket closes, diners can visit either of the following:

  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, Meridian Leisure Park, a 13-minute drive away from Haymarket
  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, Thurmaston, a 13-minute drive away from Haymarket
  • Pizza Hut Restaurants, Grove Farm, a 14-minute drive away from Haymarket

Stick with the Hinckley Free Press as the story develops further.

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