Hints suggest Hinckley have lost Burger King

Mason Moore and Vaughan Moore | 21 September 2020

THE FUTURE of Hinckley’s Burger King in The Crescent’s shopping and leisure complex is up in the air, with hints suggesting that the fast-food location may be gone for good.

Hinckley’s Burger King (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

The Hinckley restaurant has been removed from Burger King’s official website on their online store locator, and all past links to the store listing are now broken.

However, Owners of Burger King in the United Kingdom, the Karali Group, have kept the location on their website, although it is unknown how often they update their page – and if it’s yet to be removed.

The branch ‘temporarily’ closed back on March earlier this year, as a coronavirus safety precaution. The unit remains untouched and unused with the power left on inside, menu boards, indoor seating and tables all inside of the unit.

Over time, customers have been left in the dark and awaiting an official response and announcement from the American burger chain.

Fast-food fans looking to get their hands on Burger King’s famed Whopper meal are having to use the dine-in restaurant at Haymarket in Leicester city centre, which is a half an hour drive away.

When the coronavirus lockdown was put in place, Burger King had put a sign up on the front doors to explain they will be ‘temporarily closed’.

These signs have not been updated since and social distancing stickers from the outside into the restaurant still remain on the floor too.

Burger King started reopening their other locations across the United Kingdom back on 11 May and 18 May.

A spokesperson for Burger King in the UK was unavailable to provide a comment on the closure at the time of publication.

Burger King was the first ever fast-food occupant to join the complex back on Tuesday 8 March 2016.

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