Bosworth MP suggests bill for digitally-altered photos

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 6 September 2020

DR. LUKE EVANS, Bosworth’s Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), has suggested a bill to Parliament that social media stars, advertisers, broadcasters, and publishers should label when their photographs have been digitally-altered.

Dr Luke Evans (Supplied by Parliament)

If it went ahead, the newly-proposed bill would display a logo alongside on photographs in cases where an image of a human body or body parts has been digitally-altered in its proportions.

The bill would also go for photographs used by publications online and magazines, who would have to have disclose when their photos have been digitally edited.

Even photos that have been digitally-altered for comedic effect would also be marked with the logo, Luke confirmed on Twitter.

Luke Evans explained that the logo would be similar to how the ‘P’ logo which appears on national television, to indicate that product placement is on the show in question.

Over on Facebook, Dr. Luke Evans further added: “The mental health of many young people is being affected trying to reach a physical perfection which is simply unattainable.”

The bill will be heard this month on Tuesday 15 September, and is being backed Girlguiding, who have spoken out about the need for labelling on digitally enhanced media.

The BBC report that if the bill passes it could either be incorporated into legislation, or be debated in the House of Commons.

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