Broken Burbage Common bench restored

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 5 September 2020

BURBAGE Common and Woods were sadly struck with a spot of vandalism after a memorial bench at the park was destroyed last Monday.

Last Monday on August 31, Park visitor, Frances Knight, snapped a photograph of the damaged and broken beams sticking out when she visited with her family.

The broken bench last Monday (Supplied by Frances Knight to the Hinckley Free Press)

The memorial bench at the Burbage-based woods and park was hit by vandals.

The wooden beams which make up the seat of the bench were all snapped and jagged, so that visitors were unable to use it.

Yesterday on Friday 4 September, Sue Kyte, who was passing through the nature reserve, noticed that a Good Samaritan has fixed up and repaired the broken bench.

The refurbished bench (Supplied by Sue Kyte to the Hinckley Free Press)

The once broken bench has now been refurbished with newly-installed beams. It has also been completely varnished by the anonymous helper.

Residents react

Residents of the area are pleased with the Good Samaritan who repaired the park bench.

On social media, one resident said: “So much good in the world, we just have to find it. Well done whoever you are.”

Another Hinckley resident said: “How thoughtful and kind. A beautiful gift to everyone… The world needs more people like him.”

“Amazing. Well done to whoever took the time and care to repair”, added another.

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