Former Nuneaton agriculture store demolished

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 21 August 2020

NUNEATON’s former agriculture and gardening store, Countrywide, has been demolished.

The space that was once Countrywide (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

Countrywide closed their doors to the general public back on 5 June 2018, following their collapse as a company when they fell into administration in May, just a month before.

The agriculture retailer was located near the popular Royal Redgate pub, on Nuneaton’s busy main road of Watling Street.

Following their collapse, the Nuneaton store remained untouched and empty whilst blocked off to the general publics with security barriers surrounding the areas.

The space has been sold to a new owner. This is now public common knowledge as prior to the demolition, a property consultant’s website listed the space as ‘Sold’, confirming the sale had went through with a new site owner.

Activity and demolition

Since the sale of the space, gates were installed to make way for construction workers and contractors on machinery and equipment so that they could follow through with any construction work on the space.

Back in late December, construction workers were spotted digging on the land, leaving large piles of rubble in what would be the front car park. Lights inside of the shop were also left on during that time.

Countrywide back in December 2019 (Vaughan Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

Last week, on Thursday 13 August, the Hinckley Free Press had noticed that the retail space had rather unexpectedly been demolished and no longer stands.

Future unknown

At this moment in time, it is unknown what will happen to the now empty space.

The Hinckley Free Press will keep you updated with any new information on this story when it becomes available.

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