Hinckley’s 4th Avenue reveal their ‘huge news’

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 2 July 2020

LOCAL Hinckley-based boy band, 4th Avenue, made two ‘huge news’ announcements two nights ago exclusively on Facebook Live.

4th Avenue on 30 June at Hollycroft Park for their announcement (Supplied by 4th Avenue to Facebook)

At 8:00 pm on 30 June, the 4th Avenue members, consisting of Adam ‘Percy’ Percival, Danny Morrison, Dougie Hird, and Tom Urch, broke two pieces of news to their loyal fanbase on Facebook Live in a half an hour broadcast which took place from Hinckley’s Hollycroft Park.

Dougie Hird of the group revealed that the four friends are set to host an exclusive virtual Facebook Live concert on Tuesday 28 July at 8pm for an hour and a half.

Dougie said: “We planned to do a virtual show before the lockdown was made official. We’ve all done virtual shows over the course of this lockdown. I do mine every Friday.

“This is going to be 4th Avenue on an official stage, properly done with lighting, the lot. We’ll be doing our show exactly as you’d see us normally when you’d pay for a ticket and come and watch us.

“We’re going to do a full set, for an hour and a half with a break in the middle where we’ll come and sit and chat to you guys. It will be an amazing event and hopefully, it will be one of the highlights of lockdown for you all.”

Dougie later shared more exciting news in the second announcement which was promised for the broadcast.

He broke the news about a brand new Christmas album that the 4th Avenue boys have been working on.

He said: “We’ve come to the decision that we’re going to release a Christmas album ready for this Christmas, and it’s going to be available in a CD format only.

“It’ll be available in October, with all the Christmas songs that we’d sing in that period. We’ve got a couple of originals on there as well that I hadn’t told the boys about, but they’ve just found out!”.

“Next year in 2021, we’ll be releasing a full non-Christmas album.”

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