Looking back at Ropewalk Nuneaton’s hidden gems

Mason Moore and Vaughan Moore | 20 June 2020

ROPEWALK Shopping Centre shall soon be home to some new occupants soon, with Game opening their doors on 27 June next Saturday, JD Sports in November and Bodycare at a currently unknown time.

However, Nuneaton’s most best-known indoor shopping centre has had its fair share of hidden gems that have been long forgotten in the modern day.


Jessica’s was a short-lived sweet shop that sold a wide variety of British and American confectionery to customers.

Sweets in display boxes (Unsplash)

Jessica’s offered customers the British sweets that they know and love, as well as giving them a taste of what America has to offer.

The space is now occupied by Danish jewellery giant, Pandora.

Juicie Smoothie Bar

The Juicie Smoothie Bar was a smoothie bar that opened sometime around 2008 or 2009 until early 2012.

Smoothies and berries (Unsplash)

Sadly, there are no photographs of the unit online from when it traded as the Juicie Bar, however many residents stopped by to grab a smoothie and are familiar with the obscure smoothie bar.

The space has kept its orange coloured shutters which are the only proof of its past life in the modern era.

Since the closure in 2012, the space has since been occupied by an E-cigarette store named E Cig Wizard.


Sunny’s was an indoor café located next door to Juicie Bar.

Sunny’s offered shopgoers the choice of hot foods such as hot dogs, jacket potatoes and curries. The café also served hungry customers café classics, like slices of cake, cups of tea and coffee, cold fizzy drinks and crisps.

A baked potato (Pixabay)

The café was good competition to Juicie and one of the only independents to try their hand at setting up shop in the Ropewalk, with the other being Lite Bites who had a trial run.

All of Sunny’s online presence is no longer existent in any archived form even after being heavily promoted when it was open. All reviews have been removed from local online review sites.

The only café to remain sitting in the Ropewalk is the Coca-Cola owned British coffee giant, Costa Coffee. They remain in the complex as sole survivors as their close competition Muffin Break permanently shut for good this week due to the pandemic forcing the closure.

The Sunny’s space is now being used a currency exchange service under the name of Eurochange.

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