Hinckley upcycling charity in need of essential donations

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 12 June 2020

Reuse furniture charity, Work Link, based in Hinckley, are asking residents for any essential donations to be sent in.

Work Link’s storefront fascia in The Borough (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

Hinckley’s Work Link organisation manager, Mandy Quinn, has asked residents to donate any essential items during this pandemic, such as bedding and white goods.

Speaking to the Hinckley Free Press, Mandy said: “Work Link’s been going over 30 years. We have service users work with us, and we give them hands on work experience.”

“Our main goal is working with service users so that they can help us upcycle a wide range of bric-a-brac and furniture.”

Local Hinckley Councillor, Michael Mullaney, took to his Twitter account to encourage his followers to donate essential items to the charity.

Michael Mullaney has worked with the local furniture charity in the past. In a statement to the Hinckley Free Press, he said: “Work Link do great work supporting some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

“If you can help them carry on their great work by supplying furniture or household items, you’ll be making a real difference to the lives of local people in the Hinckley area who are in need of support”.

The Work Link shop will not reopening on Monday 15 June, but later on. They would be following Government guidelines regarding social distancing rules and making sure that their customers adhere to them by only having a certain number of customers in the shop at one time.

By donating essential items that are no longer needed, you are helping to someone to make a home. For more information on Work Link and donation enquiries, email Mandy Quinn at mandyquinn@worklinkproject.co.uk or call 01455 636506.

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