Past publishing houses in Hinckley now

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 11 June 2020

HINCKLEY has been home to some newspaper titles over the years, most notably The Hinckley Times, founded by Thomas Baxter, and its rival newspaper, the Hinckley Herald.

In this list below we shall showcase what now stands at the former publishing and printing houses.

The Hinckley Times

The Hinckley Times used to have a strong presence on the now demolished Brunel Road. Their head offices were located next to the Hinckley Cadet Centre. They had to move out of their offices in 2012.

The Hinckley Times then operated from The Atkins Building from November 2012 until late 2019 when they moved out of The Atkins Building into the shared work office of Leicester Mercury in Leicester city centre, being the most recent newspaper publisher to move out of Hinckley.

The Hinckley Herald

The Hinckley Herald was the most notable rival to The Hinckley Times. When they merged together, their offices on Station Road, located above a row of retail units, became vacant and has sat empty since.

The Hinckley Journal

The head offices for The Hinckley Journal, before they merged with The Hinckley Herald, were located on Holliers Walk.

The publication ceased as a single newspaper after merging to form The Hinckley Herald and General Journal, and in the modern day their former offices are now home to a Nepalese style restaurant named Everest Dine.

Leicester Mercury’s Hinckley offices

The Leicester Mercury have had two Hinckley District offices for when they had a Hinckley reporter frequent the town regular for articles.

Over the years that the Leicester Mercury were based in Hinckley, they operated from two different offices. The first of two offices that they used has now became a gentlemen’s hairdressers and barber shop called Jets.

The second office that they moved into from the Jets barbers space lays vacant with signs of its past still showing. This was located on Regent Street, above a newsagent called Mercury News.

This space is now being used as a stock room for the newsagent, whilst the ground floor retains its use as an off licence and general grocery store.

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