Saints Nuneaton receive generous donations

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 9 June 2020

NEWDEGATE STREET based community hub, Saints Nuneaton, have finally raised enough funds to refurbish and renovate an upstairs office space, as well as the staircase which leads up to the old and currently disused hall upstairs.

The outside of Saints Nuneaton (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

Staff members over at Saints Nuneaton took to their official Facebook page to announce that they have received two generous donations.

The first donation was of £15,000 from the Allchurches Trust to create and focus on renovating the stairs leading up to what will be the main space for ‘phase two’ as well as an upstairs office space.

The second donations was from kind local donors through the Aviva project who sent Saints a grand total of £4,000 to help them out overall, by funding them as a group.

A spokesperson for Saints Nuneaton said: “We are delighted to receive £15,000 from Allchurches Trust that will help us buy outdoor furniture ready for opening and will also refurbish the stairs and office that leads to the hall. This is one step closer to renovating the hall upstairs.

“In addition we are pleased to announce we received £4,000 from local donors through the Aviva online giving platform toward the project.

“We love our town and want to see it transformed ready to support a post-COVID lockdown society.”

More on the upstairs hall

Since the purchase of the building, one of Saints Nuneaton’s main goals was to refurbish and restore the upstairs hall into a newly-repurposed space for mixed use opportunities.

The upstairs of the building shall be used as a part of ‘phase two’ project for the upcoming Saints plans.

The upstairs hall that will be used for ‘Phase two’ (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

When Saints spoke to the Hinckley Free Press back in January when the building first opened its doors to the public, they explained that the upstairs hall will focus on offering people support in improving their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Phase two will also help people to connect with others through the creative arts, with an aim of reducing loneliness and isolation.

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