Nuneaton’s Crazy Horse pub demolished

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 7 June 2020

THE CRAZY HORSE, best known under its previous name, The White Horse, and informally known by its nickname of “The Bonking Donkey”, has finally been demolished.

The demolition of the once ever-popular Nuneaton boozer took place last Friday on 5 June.

The boozer last-owned by Brian Harkins before he sadly passed in 2001 finally came down last Friday (Supplied by Zoe Brown to the Hinckley Free Press)
A photo of the pub as it finally came down (Supplied by Bean Beanster to the Hinckley Free Press)

The public house, which used to be owned by former Showaddywaddy member Brian Harkins, closed its doors on 26 July 2001, before reopening as a Chinese restaurant only a few years later.

The Chinese restaurant that set up inside of the former pub building was called the Royal China.

The Royal China operated from the early 2000s, before it finally closed its doors in 2012.

Since its closure in 2012, the building has sat both vacant and derelict until the day of its demolition came last Friday.

The former Crazy Horse pub as it stood days before it finally came down on 3 June (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)
A side view of the former Crazy Horse pub on the first day it started being knocked down on 3 June (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

Members of Nuneaton’s local history and nostalgia group, Nuneaton Memories, took to the group to express their thoughts on the demolition.

Shelley Janine Smith said: “That’s so sad to see, I spent many Saturday nights in there.”

Freda Hemsley said: “Lovely memories of walks down the Canal and sitting outside for refreshments. Sad it’s all gone.”

David Wright, a Nuneaton resident who lives near Stockingford, said: “I feel that it’s sad that it’s come down. It should have been used for something again, rather than have it ripped down completely.”

Colin Wright, who used to frequent the pub regularly back in the day, said: “I remember it getting quite crowded, especially at the weekends. Friday and Saturday nights were usually the busiest, as everybody was going back to work on Mondays.

“It was a nightclub, and they had a licence that went up until around 12am back then. I think the pub died out a bit because it wasn’t in the town centre, and it was quite far out.”

A new 78 bedroom care home is set to be built in the space of the former Crazy Horse pub and the former Ratcliffe Buildings site, which have both been demolished as of this writing.

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