New flame-grilled chicken restaurant coming to Hinckley

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 4 June 2020

REGENT STREET shall soon be home to a brand new independent flame-grilled chicken restaurant, owned by Elmesthorpe Brewery.

A Facebook page was quietly launched just two nights ago to tease the new venture online and they have been promoting their “‘Propa’ Wings” that will be available on the menu.

A photograph of the ‘Propa Wings’ that shall be served soon (Supplied by Niri Niri’s – Spiffin’ Chicken to Facebook)

The newly-announced Regent Street-based restaurant is named Niri Niri’s, and their tagline is “Spiffin’ Chicken”.

Niri Niri’s has been confirmed to be a new project that has been launched by local publican Nirad Solanki, Owner and Founder of Elmesthorpe Brewery.

The official Niri Niri’s Facebook page reads the following: “Niri Niri’s have taken over the kitchen and restaurant at the New Baron of Hinckley with a pioneering flavoured flame-grilled concept to the market town of Hinckley! Like food? Love Niri Niri’s!”.

Solanki is locally well known for snapping up the drinking hole of Hinckley’s history, The Baron, from Wetherspoons back in September 2019.

Nirad rebranded Wetherspoon’s Baron pub as Elmesthorpe Brewery’s very own bar named The New Baron of Hinckley Freehouse, which has been the go to venue in the town for a pint and pub grub.

This year, The New Baron have recently introduced popular bingo nights and drag acts which have proved to be a success locally with both events being hosted by a Leicestershire-based drag queen named Fanny Burns.

The new flame-grilled chicken restaurant will be located from inside of The New Baron of Hinckley and will see a total revamp to the food menu, with a heavy focus on chicken for meat-eaters.

Select options are available on the menu for customers who are vegetarian and vegan, so that everyone is catered for. Brand new appliances and apparatus will be arriving for the restaurant this weekend.

The breakfast menu will be retained, and it will operate from the pub from 8am until 12pm daily. The pub shall still continue with their unlimited refill hot drinks, but they will see a change in both ingredients and processes.

Speaking to the Hinckley Free Press about the new chicken venture, Nirad Solanki said: “The concept came about in 2011, when I owned a couple of pizza takeaway and eat-in outlets.

“My customers were getting bored of typical traditional pizza sauce taste, so I came up with my own (then) flagship ‘Niri Niri sauce’ which was then sold at retail supermarkets throughout the West Midlands.

“The name came about as ‘Niri’ was my nickname whilst I was studying abroad in The Czech Republic. The name kind of stuck when I came back to England in 2010.

Nirad added: “I love making a mess in the kitchen and experimenting. I’m an avid fan of different spices. I’ve got ghost chillies on offer, for those who dare!”

“During the downtime in lockdown, it has given us time to reflect on strengths and weaknesses. We believed there was not a single location or concept offering saucy flame-grilled chicken to service the towns of Hinckley and Nuneaton.

“We will be offering a takeaway service for orders placed at the bar only, so that customers who are waiting for their fresh hot chicken can enjoy a beverage or two.

“We will be preparing our concoction of six different bastes for customers to flavour or spice their chicken however they want.

“We shall also offer a small selection of starters, a range of burgers, pittas or wraps and salads, and we’re not forgetting desserts!

“Our typical pub food was getting boring and being offered in every pub and my customers were getting fed up of similar food at different venues and there was no real differentiation.

“With the right brand ambassadors and support, there is no reason why this new concept shouldn’t be popular.

“Furthermore, we are extremely proud to be able to say that all our chicken carries the Red Tractor Assurance. This means that our meat has been farmed, processed and packed in the United Kingdom which is a proud achievement for us being able to procure this deal.

“Once we find our feet, we’ll look into recruiting local brand ambassadors, offering a loyalty scheme and bottling our sauces.”

On 2 June 2020, the same day as the Facebook page was launched, the doors to The New Baron had started being painted red – this matches up nicely to the colours of the newly-revealed logo of the independent flame-grilled chicken restaurant.

Pictured: The newly-painted doors photographed on 2 June (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

Niri Niri’s shall be the newest chicken venture to step foot into the town. Just two years ago, Louisianna’s Fried Chicken, which was operated by The Apprentice couple Joanna and Leon Kirk, collapsed on 18 June 2018 after setting up in February of the same year.

Stick with the Hinckley Free Press as this story develops further to find out more information.

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