Nine-year-old Nuneaton ‘entrepreneur’ fundraising for school

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 29 May 2020

A Nuneaton schoolboy has made a name for himself as a young entrepreneur.

Ryan Nunn, a nine year old Nuneaton schoolboy, decided to launch his own fundraiser for his school by selling his own homemade key rings.

Ryan Nunn showing the key rings that he made at home (Supplied by Penny Haywood to Hinckley Free Press)

All of the money that he is making from his key rings is going towards the All Saints Church of England primary school in Nuneaton.

Ryan started working on key rings after thinking of ways to raise money for the school due to the students being off to the lockdown during this pandemic.

Ryan hard at work focused on making more key rings (Supplied by Penny Haywood to Hinckley Free Press)

Ryan’s mum, Penny Haywood, spoke to the Hinckley Free Press about Ryan’s interest in crafts.

Penny said: “He started off by making wooden games which he still makes and sells. Nuneaton tree surgeons were kind enough to cut the wood for him.

“He wanted to raise £50 for the school, but now he has raised over £500.

“He started by making a sand table for his little sister, but then things just progressed.”

Ryan’s sister with the sand table he made (Supplied by Penny Haywood to Hinckley Free Press)

Ryan has donated some of his wooden games to a residential care home for elderly residents to enjoy.

Ryan has been given a Nuneaton Carnival pin badge from the Nuneaton Carnival committee, and they have donated £50 towards the school fundraiser.

“He was so proud of himself”, Penny added.

Ryan holding his Nuneaton Carnival badge (Supplied by Penny Haywood to Hinckley Free Press)

The key rings are on sale for 75 pence in different areas throughout the town. Below is a list of the seven stockists at the moment.

  • Attleborough Post Office, Attleborough, Nuneaton
  • Everton News, Attleborough, Nuneaton
  • Premier Stores, Attleborough, Nuneaton
  • Costcutter, Crow Hill, Nuneaton
  • 365 Bargains, Regent Street, Nuneaton
  • Spar, Whitestone, Nuneaton
  • A & A Off Licences, Hill Top, Nuneaton

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