Street sign ‘scavenger hunters’ raise awareness for Rainbows

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 23 May 2020

MEMBERS of Hinckley Running Club have been virtually ‘sticking together’ online during lockdown.

Hinckley Running Club members have been keeping themselves occupied individually or with their family members by doing different running and walking activities as a part of their daily exercise.

The safety precautions were put in place for the group on 17 March, where they decided to put all group sessions on halt due to lockdown following advice from the Government and England Athletics.

One of the activities that group members have been taking part in is called the ‘Street Sign Scavenger Hunt’, which was inspired by the team over at Bedworth Parkrun.

The ‘Street Sign Scavenger Hunt’ activity is where group members choose a word, then group members have to use the first letter of each street name to spell out the chosen word.

Charlotte Sinclair, Chairwoman for the Hinckley Running Club, explained how the idea came about.

Charlotte said: “The scavenger hunt was an idea that the Bedworth Parkrun team had promoted on their Facebook to keep their runners virtually involved.

“It’s something we thought was a great idea so one of our coaches ‘borrowed it’ for our juniors.

“We then had a lot of adults taking part so extended it to the rest of the club. We take it in turns choosing the word and it has proved really popular.”

One week, the group members had all decided to spell out the word ‘Rainbows’ as a part of the activity for the Rainbows Hospice, based in Loughborough.

Rainbows’ motto is “help us brighten short lives”. The Hospice had taken to their official Twitter account to thank the Hinckley Running Club in raising awareness for them.

They said: “How amazing is this? Members of the Hinckley Running Club recently took part in a “Street Name Scavenger Hunt” to search for street names which spelt Rainbows.

“We love this idea – and THANK YOU all for your amazing support.”

Many members of the Running Club have taken photographs with the final words to show that they have successfully spelled the word using the street signs.

Attached below is a photo gallery of members in an image collage showing the words that they have managed to spell.

PICTURED: Rachel Haddon, Member of The Hinckley Running Club showing that the first letter of each street sign above spells out the word ‘Rainbows’ (Supplied by Hinckley Running Club to Hinckley Free Press)
PICTURED: The Cooling Family had also managed to spell the word ‘Rainbows’ using the street signs – their mum, Jenny, runs for HRC Seniors, whilst her two sons Matthew and Josh run for HRC Juniors (Supplied by Hinckley Running Club to Hinckley Free Press)
PICTURED: Two young and proud Junior members of Hinckley Running Club, Harry and Oliver, managed to successfully spell ‘Rainbows’ using the street signs together (Supplied by Hinckley Running Club to Hinckley Free Press)

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