Desford author’s book going free online for limited period

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 15 May 2020

FANS of sci-fi books will soon have the opportunity to read Leicestershire-based author Stewart Bint’s book “To Rise Again” digitally online for free on Kindle platforms.

With thanks to Stewart’s book publisher, Next Chapter, his book “To Rise Again” will be available for free, exclusively on the Amazon-owned platform from 19 May until 23 May.

The title will be available for free internationally around the world as well as the United Kingdom.

The cover of To Rise Again by Stewart Bint (Supplied by Stewart Bint on behalf of CoverMint to Hinckley Free Press)

When the book last went free on Amazon in the past, it topped a number of categories on the site.

Stewart first became a published fiction writer at the age of 56 back in 2012, when he published his first novella which was a lifelong dream of his.

Since 2012, Stewart has published many more titles including In Shadows Waiting, Timeshaft, The Jigsaw and the Fan, To Rise Again and Thunderlands.

Speaking to the Hinckley Free Press, Stewart explained that out of all of his books that he’s published so far, his favourite is Timeshaft.

He said: “The book I enjoyed writing the most was my time travel thriller, Timeshaft.

“It takes place in several time zones in the past and future, and involved considerable research, including the introduction of forks into England, nuclear fusion, solar winds, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.”

Stewart mentioned that writing each of his books was enjoyable as they were all inspired by real-life events.

“Timeshaft, was inspired from a walk in Cranford Park in London with my wife, father-in-law, and my baby son in his pram, in 1991.

“To Rise Again, for a visit to the underground hospital on Jersey during my honeymoon, in 1982.

“The Jigsaw And The Fan from the bitter miners’ strike in the 1980s, after I interviewed the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and miner’s leader Arthur Scargill, on radio.

“In Shadows Waiting, from a supernatural entity I saw while living in a spooky old house during my time at BBC Radio Manchester in 1980.

“Each short story in my Thunderlands collection, gave me a different type of satisfaction, as I tackled a number of genres there, including humour, crime, and even two poems.”

Touching upon the previously mentioned experiences of interviewing Margaret Thatcher on the radio, Stewart told us about his time as a student journalist.

He said: “I was a student journalist in the mid-1970s. I trained as a journalist on a weekly newspaper in Derbyshire.

“When I qualified, I moved into radio, spending ten years as a newsreader, current affairs programme presenter, and phone-in show host.

“I then moved to PR, and I’ve been doing that ever since. I now combine PR with my fiction, and also have my own column in a local monthly magazine.”

When we asked Stewart if he prefers writing news stories or books more, or both hobbies the same, he said:

“I enjoy all three…as each one flexes different writing muscles. It still gives me the same thrill to see one of my PR stories appearing in a national trade magazine as it did to get my first byline in a newspaper 46 years ago.”

Stewart has some tips for readers who want to get stuck in with creative writing and give it a go.

His advice is “Write for yourself, first and foremost. Produce a story that you’re happy with…that you’d like to read.

“Do take the time to learn about the craft of writing. It’s not just about getting the story down in a haphazard way.

“There are rules that have to be followed, such as “showing” and not telling; and describing scenes from just one character’s point of view.

“Never be afraid to listen to your editor. For example, my publisher’s editor required substantial story developmental and character edits to Timeshaft that took me three months to complete. But they made the final, published novel so much better than my original manuscript.

“And finally, never give up. My first novella was published only as an e-book when I was 56.

“Now, eight years later, I have four full-length novels and a collection of short stories published in paperback and Kindle editions.

“Thunderlands is also available as an audio book, and To Rise Again is currently in narration to be an audio book, as well.”

You can follow Stewart Bint on Twitter (@AuthorSJB) and on his official Facebook page, Stewart Bint Author.

Click this link to be taken to the Amazon listing for “To Rise Again”.

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