Nuneaton pub set to be demolished

Vaughan Moore | 2 May 2020 | Nuneaton Co-Reporter

WORK has commenced on plans for demolition on a former pub site in Nuneaton.

The former boozer, which was a popular place for nights out back in the day, has now been surrounded by scaffolding, to make the building safe and ready for demolition.

Signs of activity were spotted on Monday when a scaffolding company were at the site, and signs that read “Demolition” have been placed at the rear of the building. The demolition works are being carried out by Austin Wilkinson Demolition.

On 1 May, it was noted that the roof had all of its tiles removed, exposing the buildings wooden beams, whilst the rest of the pub remained intact, before it gets demolished soon.

After its run as a pub, The Crazy Horse later became home to a Chinese buffet restaurant named “Royal China” before shutting its doors permanently, which would later be boarded up and left unused for a number of years.

Plans reveal that a care home is set to take the space. Attached below are photographs of the building in its current state before demolition takes place.

The former Crazy Horse pub known by locals as ‘The Bonking Donkey’ in its current state (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)
The pub boarded up with the roof removed (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)
This sign through the gate reads “Crazy Horse private car park for staff and patrons only” (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

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