Recap: Nuneaton and Hinckley clap for carers for fifth week

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 24 April 2020

Last night in Britain at 8pm, residents of the town clapped for the Clap for our Carers campaign showing their appreciation to key workers.

The Clap for our Carers is to recognise NHS front-line workers, care workers and anybody else working during this ongoing pandemic which was set up by a Dutch Londoner named Annemarie Plas.

The visual identity of the Clap for our Carers campaign featuring their hashtag (Supplied by Clap For our Carers on Twitter)

In Nuneaton

The Hinckley Free Press received reports of Nuneaton residents clapping in Weddington and Stockingford, however we are sure that more areas had taken part.

Nuneaton and Bedworth’s Police took part in the clap at 8 pm at the scene of a road closure. They done so on the road for the Roanne Ringway, right next to the old Ritz cinema building.

On Facebook, the Nuneaton and Bedworth police said: “Road closure or not, we will continue to clap in support for our amazing NHS and key workers. We’re all in this together!”

Glen Burley, Chief Executive at Nuneaton’s George Eliot Hospital said the following on Twitter:  “Just completed my ritual clap. Well done Team Eliot on St. George’s day.”

In Hinckley

At 8pm last night, Hinckley Police officers clapped alongside their colleagues in the emergency services from Hinckley Fire and Rescue Station and the East Midlands Ambulance Trust.

The emergency services clapped together at the local community hospital, Hinckley and Bosworth Community Hospital, on Ashby Road.

Hinckley Police took to their official Twitter account to post a tweet regarding the clap at the Hospital with the other emergency services.

They said: “This week we continued to support Clap for our Carers by visiting our local community hospital along with our colleagues from the other blue light services.”

Residents had taken part in the clapping to make sure that their appreciation was heard.

As well as clapping, another very popular technique to make noise was to bang pots and pans together.

We also heard reports of the people of Hinckley using car horns and air horns, similar to the scenes in Nuneaton at 8pm last week with people using car horns and party kazoos.

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