Triumph triumphant in helping keyworker

British motorbike manufacturing giant, Triumph, who are located in the town of Hinckley, gave a helping hand to a NHS hero after his motorbike Triumph Sprint 955i was unfortunately stolen in the early hours of the morning on 9 April.

Key worker and NHS Biomedical Scientist, Ian Evans from Brighton, took to Twitter and Facebook forums in the local area explaining that the motorcycle had gone missing.

Speaking to the Hinckley Free Press, Ian explained that his main concern was his commute to and from work.

Evans said: “My main concern was how would I be able to get to and from work as I have clinical responsibilities (blood testing in a lab) each weekend and there is no ideal public transport in respects to the hours I work. I work a 12 hour shift normally 8pm – 8am.”

According to Ian, his social media posts had ‘exploded’ with more than 50 total offers from across the country to help him out in his situation whilst he was without a motorbike.

Ian was first approached with an offer from electric motorcycle brand, Super Soco,  where they could provide a bike virtually there and then, so he took them up on their offer.

Ian said: “The messages of support, not just provision of bikes, with offers of lifts, cars and so on was overwhelming.

“Apparently there has 20,000 interactions on Facebook and my original tweet has reached 2.6 million people.

“There were so many responses. All bar one were kind and generous. The appreciation of the role NHS and other care workers is one of the most humbling exchanges I have ever witnessed.”

The tweet even caught the attention of Triumph, who manufactured the original and motorcycle that was stolen.

Last week, Triumph approached Evans on Twitter, offering support which included a long term loan of a bike. He is currently riding a Triumph Tiger 800 XCX, with all thanks to them.

Ian later added how surprised he was from the response from Triumph themselves. He said: “I didn’t expect anything, let alone Triumph coming through.”

Devron Boulton, General Manager for Triumph Motorcycles Limited in the UK & Ireland spoke to the Hinckley Free Press regarding the Twitter interaction.

Boulton said: “It’s never nice to hear of a motorcycle being stolen, but it was especially tough to hear it had happened to an NHS worker, during this period where we should all be supporting each other.

“It was a pleasure to assist Mr Evans, we’d like to thank him and his colleagues at the NHS, along with all other key workers for their dedication and persistence throughout this trying time.”

On 15 April, Ian Evans mentioned that the bike had been recovered.

Evans was approached by a former Met Police Officer who told him that they may able to help out Evans with his now recovered bike.

Ian said: “I didn’t expect much at the time, as all I was focussing on was sourcing parts to start the repairs.

“However, he contacted me again and said that Laguna Motors in Maidstone were going to pick up my bike and carry out the repairs.

“They picked the bike up yesterday, but I have no idea how long it will be before we are reunited.

“The bike’s not a pretty picture as the fairings are scratched, the windscreen and mirrors are damaged, the exhaust is dented, the real panniers are bashed in, possibly affecting the frame, the ignition is ruined and the steering is out.”

Pictures of the bike are attached below.

Photographs of the recovered but yet to be repaired motorcycle (Supplied by Ian Evans to Hinckley Free Press)
Photographs of the recovered but yet to be repaired motorcycle (Supplied by Ian Evans to Hinckley Free Press)
Photographs of the recovered but yet to be repaired motorcycle (Supplied by Ian Evans to Hinckley Free Press)

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