History of Nuneaton’s Kingsholme pub

Nuneaton’s Kingsholme pub was once best known to residents of the town as The Coach and Horses, which was a frequently-visited and infamous part of Nuneaton’s Abbey run before sitting abandoned in its current sorry state.

CAPTURED: The derelict boozer pictured on 28 November 2018 (Vaughan Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

The now disused and derelict pub has not always looked this way and once operated under a completely different name.

According to Nuneaton pub enthusiast, Wolfie Swann, the Coach and Horses operated from at least 1806 until 1994.

The Coach and Horses then changed to The Kingsholme. The Kingsholme was a mock Tudor-style ‘modern’ pub. It operated from 1994 until either 2000 or 2001.

Local historian, Mark Palmer, commented on the former Nuneaton pub. He said: “I am hoping that it is either renovated and comes back into use, or it forms part of the Abbey Street regeneration and is demolished to make way for improvements.”

Nuneaton resident and freelance writer, Vaughan Moore, said: “It is sadly now derelict and has not been used in years.

“I think it should be demolished to make way for something better.”

The Coach and Horses pub was always frequented by Nuneaton residents who decided to take part in the infamous Abbey run.

The Abbey run seen pubgoers visiting all of the pubs in Abbey Street in one night before heading up to the last remaining and currently operating pub of them all, the Town Talk, located in Abbey Green which is just a five minute walk away from The Kingsholme.

There were also rumours in 2012 that in 2013 or 2014, the former boozer would be transformed into a petrol station, however, these plans never came to light, and surprisingly, nothing ever came from these proposals.

The currently disused pub is up currently up for grabs on the market on a commercial property letting website with the suggested use of being use of being a restaurant or café in the modern day.

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