Hinckley charity and Barwell chippy to reward five lucky key workers

Local Hinckley charity, Hinckley Round Table, have partnered up with a local fish and chip shop as a part of a new initiative to show their appreciation to key workers.

The visual identity of Hinckley Round Table (Supplied by Hinckley Round Table to Facebook)

As a way of thanking key workers in Hinckley and showing their support and appreciation for working during the current pandemic, local charity The Hinckley Round Table, would like to pay for five local key worker’s dinners for them and their families to enjoy.

These dinners will be delivered and cooked by a local Barwell chippy, Chris’s Fish and Chips.

Chris’s Fish and Chips in Barwell (Supplied by Google Street View)

Key workers can be nominated on Facebook by going to the Hinckley Round Table Facebook page’s post to nominate a key worker (attached here) and ‘tagging’ the nominated key worker in the comment section of the post.

Residents who have Facebook can tag those who they believe are a key worker in the local community who deserve to be thanked for their work.

From then on, the key worker who has been nominated shall automatically be placed into the draw where they will be in for a chance to win a dinner from Chris’.

In total, there shall be five winning key workers who will all receive a £20 voucher to spend on a delivery from Chris’.

The winners of the draw shall be announced by the Hinckley Round Table online this coming Thursday on 16 April.

The Hinckley Round Table spoke to our Hinckley reporter, Mason Moore, on this new initiative that they have launched. They said: “As a charity, we have been really motivated by the stories of how the key workers in our area are going out of their way to make everyone else feel safe, and as close to normal as possible.

“Whilst a lot of the focus is quite rightly on the NHS, there are also so many unsung heroes in a number of roles and we just wanted to firstly give a platform on social media for people to say thank you to these key workers, and secondly for us as a charity to offer some form of gift to a number of these people to let them know that we really appreciate what they do.

“We are also mounting an appeal for materials to help create a stock of handmade PPE equipment.

“As a group, we are going to use these materials to create the visors and hopefully provide them to local services that are in desperate need of this type of protection.

“In finer points of nominations for the free meal vouchers, we will check the Facebook comments on Thursday afternoon at 5pm, then randomly select 5 winners and notify them by Facebook to get their email details to forward the voucher.

“We already have the budget to do this again for the next three weeks, but with such a positive response, we are trying to extend this further and reward as many key workers as practically possible.

“I also need to massively thank Chris’s fish n chips, as not only have they offered the vouchers at a generous discount, they also matched our contribution so we really could not have done this without their generosity.

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