Nuneaton and Hinckley clap for carers for third week

The market towns of Nuneaton and Hinckley clapped on their doorsteps this week marking the third consecutive week in a row of clapping.

Residents of the towns were clapping for NHS heroes, key workers and carers as a part of the Clap for our Carers campaign.

Some houses are now even sporting rainbows in their windows for the NHS and other key workers.

Lisa Baggott made this rainbow love heart with her daughter for NHS heroes which they’ve displayed in their window (Supplied by Lisa Baggott for Hinckley Free Press)


In Nuneaton, we received reports of many different areas taking part in the clapping. We have listed areas that we have received reports from:

  • Abbey Green
  • Ansley
  • Attleborough
  • Bermuda Village
  • Camp Hill
  • Chilvers Colton
  • Stockingford
  • Whitestone
  • Weddington

Nuneaton residents took to social media to share their photographs.

Residents clapping in Everard Court (Supplied by Rachel Spencer for Hinckley Free Press)
Lisa Baggott shared this photo of her daughter holding her sign showcasing the different types of key workers (Supplied by Lisa Baggott for Hinckley Free Press)
Elaine Williamsons’s daughter taking a selfie with the key workers art that she created using poster paints and glitter (Supplied by Elaine Williamson for Hinckley Free Press)
A close-up of the artwork showing appreciation for key workers which was drawn by Elaine Williamson’s daughter (Supplied by Elaine Williamson for Hinckley Free Press)

Some residents made sure that the NHS heard their praise and cheers for them loud and clear by using air horns, bells and by banging on saucepans.

Fireworks were even let off down The Longshoot with cars beeping at the same time as those clapping.

On Montana Walk in Stockingford at 8pm last night, one resident was even playing a saxophone.

Glen Burley, Chief Executive at Nuneaton’s George Eliot Hospital said the following on Twitter: “Thanks to everyone who showed their support again just now.

“Our staff have been fantastic again this week, they even made the headlines by showing how much they care, thanks for showing you do too.”

Theatre Manager at the George Eliot Hospital, Paula Quinn said: “I am the theatre manager for the George Eliot Hospital.

“My team have been split by emergency theatre and urgent/cancer cases. The rest are deployed in ITU including myself…

“I live in Maryland Close in Barwell and every week they have called my name, and clapped, whistled and generally made me feel so humble.

“I’m doing my job a bit out of my comfort zone, but doing it with our wonderful ITU nurses… I am so proud of my theatre team, the hospital and the way we are working through this major incident.”


Over in Hinckley, all of the emergency services in Hinckley and from around surrounding areas all clapped from the Hinckley police station on Upper Bond Street.

Hinckley police officers were clapping in unison alongside firefighters from the Hinckley Fire Brigade, the East Midlands Ambulance Service.

They were joined by other police officers from Blaby Police and Market Bosworth police.

In a video on Twitter on the Blaby Police Twitter account, a police officer for Blaby Police said: “We’re all gathered to celebrate the NHS and thank all the people at home [who’re] staying at home, the parents who are desperately trying to keep their young kids at home, as well as teenagers.

“The shop workers who’re feeding us all, the lorry drivers who are looking after us, and everybody else who are trying to save lives and celebrating the NHS’s services.”

Later on in the video, another officer added: “Remember, stay home and stay safe people.”

Residents of Burbage, Hinckley’s neighbouring town also clapped at 8pm last night.

The next clap and the NHS’s response

The NHS simply tweeted out a blue love heart in response to the praise that they received from all over the United Kingdom showing that their appreciation was heard.

The charity, Clap for our Carers, have confirmed this shall become a weekly event every Thursday at 8pm. The next event will take place on 16 April at 8pm.

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