Nuneaton clap for carers, NHS heroes and key workers

The town of Nuneaton clapped for NHS heroes, carers and key workers this evening.

Residents of Nuneaton were standing outside on their doorsteps, drives, balconies and front gardens this evening at 8:00 pm as a part of the Clap for our Carers campaign.

This was a way for residents and households to show their respect and appreciation for carers, NHS heroes and other key workers for their work during the ongoing pandemic.

The visual identity of the Clap for our Carers campaign featuring their hashtag (Supplied by Clap For our Carers on Twitter)

As soon as the clock had hit 8:00 pm this evening, households all over the town of Nuneaton started clapping.

Areas that the Hinckley Free Press were informed of who had taken part in the campaign were Weddington, Whitestone and Stockingford, although many more had also taken part.

Chief Executive at Nuneaton’s George Eliot Hospital, Glen Burley, had taken to Twitter to speak out about the town clapping tonight. Burley said: “8 o’clock, I heard it. Thanks everyone for the show of appreciation.

“It’s getting tougher, but our teams are all still here to keep you safe. Thanks for showing you care.”

Tonight marked the second time that the town has taken part in the Clap for our Carers campaign with the first time being last week on 26 March at 8:00 pm.

According to the campaign’s official Twitter account, this is expected to become a weekly event and happen every Thursday night at 8:00 pm.

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