4th Avenue fool fans for April Fools day

Local Hinckley band, 4th Avenue, played an April Fools joke on their fans today for April Fools day.

The band had taken to their official Facebook account around 10.30 am this morning to post the joke in a bid to trick their fans on April Fools Day.

Hinckley band and vocal group 4th Avenue (Supplied by Ben Swinton to 4th Avenue for Hinckley Free Press)

They had successfully achieved their goal of tricking members of the public into believing that this news was true, receiving 290 total reactions on the post.

We have attached a screenshot of the ‘announcement’ from the Facebook page.

The April Fools article on the 4th Avenue Facebook fan page (Supplied by Facebook for Hinckley Free Press)

The group had a flood of comments coming in on the April Fools post from their supportive fan base who fell for it this morning. A few are listed below.

Judy Parkhouse said: “Great news! You deserve this.”

Brian Bernie Faulks said: “Congratulations, you deserve it!”

Jay Hood said: “Amazing. Well done boys!”

Jackie O’Shea said: “Well done guys, delighted for you.”

Linda Newman said: “Wow, that’s fantastic.”

However, some of their fans had clocked on to the fact that it was a wind-up before the group had revealed that publicly.

Cynthia Maguire said: “Damn! I thought it was true.”

Jamie Stickerman Hunt said: “April fools. Nice one guys!”

Tracey Newman said: “I almost believed it! It could be so true though! If it wasn’t for the date, I wouldn’t have questioned it!”.

Nic Ward said: “April fool? So wish it was true though.”

The band later revealed two hours later after the post had gone up that the news was indeed a joke article for April Fool’s Day today. They said: “April Fool’s everybody!

“Sadly, our previous post about supporting The Overtones on tour was just an April Fools day prank to make you smile a bit during this horrible time…

“Thank you for all the lovely messages though, and congratulations to those of you who caught us out!

“Plus it’s only a matter of time until The Overtones are supporting us anyway!”.

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