Hinckley history group to host local history live chat

Local history group, Hinckley District Past and Present are hosting a live local history show online tomorrow.

Hinckley District Past and Present shall be live-streaming the third episode of their online local history show tomorrow (1 April) to their audience of 9,418 members on Facebook.

The visual identity of the local history group (Supplied by Paul Gardner for Hinckley Free Press)

The show shall be broadcast live on take place at 7.30pm on 1 April in the official Hinckley District Past and Present Facebook group.

Group founder, Paul Gardner said: “We are doing this because we can’t currently do our monthly social nights.

“I will be showing a selection of old Hinckley pictures and a couple of video clips. So far, we have done two of these broadcasts. We seemed to average about 2 a week.

“People can interact with the show and I try to reply back, or answer live on air. I think that this programme will last at least 30 minutes or maybe even a bit longer.

“The show went very well. I’m blown away with response.

“After the show happened, we had 1,400 views on-demand on the posted recording on the page. At the time when we were live broadcasting, we had over 80 live viewers.”

If you are unable to watch the live show, the broadcast shall stay up and online on the official group page for Hinckley District Past and Present on Facebook.

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