Archived content: Glam Factory lauch in Nuneaton

The following article is an archived piece from 10 March, whilst we focus on bringing you the ‘latest and greatest’ newest content.

Nuneaton’s new hair salon celebrated their opening on Saturday night with a launch party.

Glam’s first day of operating was today (10 March), however they celebrated the launch of the company on Saturday night (7 March) as it was also company owner Kurtis Thomas’ birthday.

The visual identity of GLAM Factory (GLAM Factory for Hinckley Free Press)

The launch party held a rather interesting turn of events when they had a ‘fire display’ outside which seen performers dancing and doing tricks with fire.

Those in attendance of the launch had the following to say regarding the opening of the GLAM Factory.

Kristina Newman said: “The launch party has been very good, and lots has been happening. I wasn’t expecting the entertainment package, but it was brilliant.

“I think the marketing campaign leading up to the opening was clever.”

Kurtis’ cousin, Derry Holt, said: “I’ve knew Kurtis all my life as I am his cousin. He’s always been entrepreneurial.

“He’s always wanted to do something very big, and do it well, like a very big empire.

“The fire display was entertaining, but it wasn’t out of character for Kurtis.”

Jamie Tierney, who created the seats in the salon, said: “They [Glam] knew their ideas and exactly what they wanted. It was exactly what they had asked for on the brief.

“I think it looks awesome. I’m quite proud really. In the past I have also worked with the Badgers Mount Hotel. I think the seats compliment the studio well.”

Kurtis’ mum, Cindy Thomas, said: “I think this looks like a salon that could be in a city.

“I’m really proud of him, and I can safely say he has put his heart and soul into Glam. It goes to show what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.”

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