Hinckley on Campus exhibition starts tomorrow

A new event is to open in the Atkins Building tomorrow. The ‘Hinckley On Campus’ exhibition will be held in the building on Lower Bond Street from 16th March to 20th March.

The exhibition will take place in the Atkins building (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

Over these five days, visitors can admire 65 photographs of Hinckley taken by photographer John Coward, who has collaborated with the Atkins Building to create this exhibition. Visitors can experience these photos and even purchase them if they wish.

The Hinckley Free Press were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with John Coward himself.

Hinckley photographer and resident, John Coward (John Coward for Hinckley Free Press)

Coward said ” I enjoy taking photos and a couple of years ago, I started posting a couple of them on community social media sites. These got a great response.

“Following such a positive response, a new year’s resolution of mine was to take my photography one step further and I decided to hold an exhibition. I approached the Atkins Building and they agreed to allow me to exhibit my work.

“I have been taking photos for a few years purely as a hobby and all have been taken on my camera phone. I work full time in a job that I love and am fortunate to be able to enjoy my hobby around my work.

“Photography is all an adventure to me and this exhibition is something completely new that I am fortunate enough to be able to be involved with.

“I am by no means an expert on photography. I hold no qualifications, however for the last few years I have enjoyed taking photographs and seem to have an eye for capturing some interesting ones.”

“Ultimately the members of various community social media sites have massively helped me narrow down which photos to exhibit. The feedback to those photos posted has painted a picture of what is popular and what is not so much.

“I hope those visiting my exhibition enjoy the selection on display.

“Regarding tips and tricks, I would advise that if it feels right, take the shot. Some of my most popular photographs have not been obvious to me and in fact, I had reservations about posting them. Seek advice from those around you and gauge their thoughts. Whilst a photograph may be personal to you, someone else may see something completely different and really engage with it. It’s all trial and error.”

The Hinckley On Campus Exhibition will start on Monday 16th March at 8:30 am, with free admission.

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