Free breakfasts for Hinckley NWSLC students

NWSLC’s Hinckley Campus are raising awareness that they now have a free breakfast club open to all students.

The Hinckley College campus (Pick Everard)

Youth Worker at the Hinckley College Campus, Dorothy Chamberlain, best known to students as ‘Dinks’, said: “There will be no need for students to go into lessons hungry.

“There will be tea, coffee and cereal available for students who choose to attend breakfast club.”

Dinks later added: “Students will also have the opportunity to make new friends.”

Students can grab themselves a free breakfast from the club in the morning at the Student Centre, without worrying about having to pay for a breakfast.

Students at the College receive who receive a college bursary to buy their lunch during their lunch hours will have £3.50 to spend.

Students are being encouraged to spend their college bursary during lunch hours and to ‘make the most’ of the food from the breakfast club.

The club is open from Monday to Friday every morning.

Dinks and Daniel ‘Dan’ Glithero of the Student Centre said: “We hope to see you soon.”

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