Look: Sneak peek inside Hinckley’s new McDonald’s

AMERICAN fast-food giant McDonald’s are set to open the doors to their new restaurant on the Dodwells Island tomorrow.

The new McDonald’s branch set to open tomorrow (Mason Moore for Notizie)

Tomorrow, on March 4 at 11 am, the new branch of the famous ‘Golden arches’, McDonald’s will be serving their first customers.

Serving with a smile – this branch will definitely be sure to serve ‘happy’ meals (Mason Moore for Notizie)

McDonald’s Franchisee, Lorraine Lee spoke to Notizie about the new restaurant. Lee said: “Come on along, give us a go and give us a try. We’re ready. We’ve recruited 110 people and invested a lot of time into them and giving them training.

“I’ve still got staff with me from the McDonald’s branch that used to be based in The Borough in the town centre 20 years ago.”

Lorraine Lee, Franchisee of McDonald’s Hinckley (Mason Moore for Notizie)

The Dodwells Island in Hinckley has been the talking point surrounding traffic issues for a while in the area.

Lee said: “All we can do is make sure that our service is quick in the drive-thru, so that we don’t add to that.”

The pay and collection windows inside of the drive-thru (Mason Moore for Notizie)

The restaurant sports some rather interesting features, such as a conveyor belt in the kitchen that runs from one end of the kitchen to the other.

The conveyor belt plays a massive part in speeding up the process when it comes to completing the customer’s orders.

In the past, while operating in ‘full tilt’, the main kitchen at another McDonald’s location were able to produce a whopping grand total of 150 sandwiches in 15 minutes.

However, this McDonald’s branch claim that they can ‘easily’ do higher than that.

The kitchen in action where all the classic ‘Big Mac’ and other fan favourite meals are prepared (Mason Moore for Notizie)

The restaurant is home to a second floor and has additional seating upstairs.

Pictured: Seating and self-serve dining kiosks (Mason Moore for Notizie)

Upstairs in the restaurant, there are four dining kiosks, a table service lift, and a lift, for those who have limited mobility access.

The upstairs seating area of the restaurant (Mason Moore for Notizie)

Table service lifts are used so that food comes directly from the downstairs kitchen upstairs so that it will be sure to get to the customers hot.

The table service lifts can hold four orders at one time (Mason Moore for Notizie)

Whilst opening without a delivery service from the get go, Lee pledges that the restaurant is “future-proofed”.

The franchise are hoping to secure a deal with Uber Eats in the future, making sure that this is something they will be able to work with them on.

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