Olivia Broadfield releases ‘The Split’ songs

Burbage singer-songwriter Olivia Broadfield has released her music from hit BBC television show ‘The Split’ on Apple Music.

Olivia Broadfield, of Burbage, has recently scored the soundtrack to the second season of the BBC One drama The Split, which aired on television screens across the country.

Burbage singer-songwriter, Olivia Broadfield (Olivia Broadfield on Soundcloud)

Broadfield has since released the entire EP of songs that were featured in season two of the show on streaming services.

Last month in an interview with Notizie, Olivia commented on how the deal with the BBC for the show came to be.

Olivia said: “The BBC has used an existing track of mine in the first episode and approached me to see if I’d write something for every episode.

“I was thrilled to be asked and had a great time working on the show.”

Due to the success of her music being featured on The Split, Broadfield was recently featured on BBC’s “BBC Music Introducing” playlist on 29 February.

You can find the songs listed on the album “Season Two – EP” from Olivia Broadfield.

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