Hinckley College students comment on Coronavirus

The coronavirus is spreading across the UK, putting the country in a state of panic.

A photograph of a mobile with an article on the Coronavirus (Pixabay)

Washing one’s hands will lessen the chances of the virus spreading, so people have been frantically running around, shopping for hand sanitisers so that they can wash them on the go.

These items have been repeatedly running out of stock in chemists’, and they have had to limit sales to two per person.

The coronavirus has been frequently mentioned in the local area, and the NWSLC Hinckley College Campus even conducted a few interviews to learn what the students thought of all this attention.

The Hinckley College Campus where we interviewed students (Pick Everard)

18-year-old student, Kai Stevens, said: “The news are most likely overreacting. Stay inside and stay away from all other public means.”

Joe Parker, a 17-year-old Games Design student, said: “I’m not too well invested, so I’m not sure if they are overreacting.

“But, in a case like this, it’s good to overreact, so they encourage people to stay as safe as possible.”

On the other hand, 19-year-old Art and Design student, Joseph Deacy, believes that the media are under-reacting. He said: “If someone’s got it, by the time they’re diagnosed, they’ve spread it to someone else.”

People also have a number of different solutions to the virus.

According to 18-year-old Graphic Design student Alexander Joseph Lee, “Quarantine is the suggested solution.”

18-year-old Art and Design student, Jay Parkin, suggests to “Isolate yourself for three days.”

18-year-old Design Production student, Jacqueline Morris, said: “People are coming in from the airport and getting their temperatures checked.

“The virus is spreading and leaving people in hospital.”

The coronavirus is spreading across the UK, but it’s worse in Italy. A number of sporting events, including a football match in Milan, have been cancelled due to the virus.

Regarding the match cancellation, Deacy said: “You don’t have a stadium full of people with it.

“Some EUROPA games are being played behind closed doors and the Six Nations Ireland vs. Italy match was cancelled due to Italian players coming over.”

Morris commented on the football cancellation. She said: “It was a good idea to stop it. They could have done a football match and stream it, so people don’t have to be there, to make it safer for most people.”

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