Bermuda Village features on Saturday Night Takeaway

The area of Bermuda in Nuneaton featured on a hit ITV television show this week.

Television host Andi Peters was in Bermuda Village in Nuneaton on Saturday night when he was hosting a competition segment for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Competition host Andi Peters in Bermuda village (ITV Hub)

During the live broadcast of Saturday Night Takeaway, the iconic duo of Ant and Dec had joked that they had sent television host Andi Peters off to Bermuda.

However, instead of sending Andi to the holiday destination, they had sent to him to the village of Bermuda in Nuneaton.

Whilst Andi was there for the segment, he was surrounded by locals of the area who joined him on camera.

Andi surrounded by Bermuda residents (ITV Hub)

American pop sensation, Camila Cabello, who was on the set of the show as a guest on the show commented on the situation. She said: “I actually think I prefer Bermuda in Nuneaton.”

Residents of the area had spotted Andi Peters at around 4pm on 22 February with the ITV camera crew when they were rehearsing the segment that would later go out live.

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