Burbage singer-songwriter scores BBC music placement

Burbage resident Olivia Broadfield has written music for several major American shows but recently, her talent has appeared on British television for the first time, when she wrote some music for BBC One drama The Split.

Notizie managed to get in touch with Olivia to ask her some questions about her recent achievement.

Burbage singer and songwriter, Olivia Broadfield (Olivia Broadfield on Facebook)

She said “The BBC has used an existing track of mine in the first episode and approached me to see if I’d write something for every episode, I was thrilled to be asked and had a great time working on the show.

“I’ll be releasing an EP of all my music from the show in the next couple of weeks.”

Olivia mentioned her musical influences. “I love artists who have got the craft of songwriting… Carole King, Joni Mitchell… that stuff is timeless but I’m a huge fan of Haim and really love pop melodies, I think Astrid is a great new talent.”

But what’s next for Olivia? She said “I’ve always focused on writing music for TV and have had songs featured on some big shows in The States such as Greg’s Anatomy, Arrow and The Vampire Diaries.

“It’s been really great working on a British show though so hopefully working on The Split might lead to more work closer to home.”

Olivia had some advice for NWSLC Music students.

“You can’t just be creative, you have to approach it like a business. Find out what makes you different and focus on that, try to stand out because there are a LOT of people making music these days.”

Notizie wishes Olivia Broadfield the best of luck in her continually strong career, and we look forward to seeing what she’ll do next.

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