Future uncertain for Hinckley’s Mexican food restaurant

MEXICAN-STYLE food restaurant Tacos and Tequila have deleted their online presence leaving their customers confused.

Tacos and Tequila located on Rugby Road (Photo from Google Street View)

Independently-owned Mexican food restaurant, Tacos and Tequila, based on Rugby Road, have deleted all traces of their Facebook page and have been marked down as “Permanently closed” on Google Maps. They have even stopped accepting orders on Deliveroo.

The restaurant is owned by Graham Butler and Baiba Butler. On the Companies Houses website, Tacos and Tequila have not filed for liquidation on there, so it is still marked as an active privately trading company.

Notizie approached Carter’s Lounge, a cocktail bar located on Waterloo Road that is owned by Tacos and Tequila director Graham Butler, however Carter’s were unavailable for comment during the time of publication.

The visual identity of Tacos and Tequila (Archived from Tacos and Tequila)

A post appeared from an anonymous resident on Spotted Hinckley on 17 February. The resident asked: “Has Tacos and Tequila closed down?”

Residents of the town responded with a few mixed responses – some thinking it had shut for good, others saying otherwise.

Dean Parry said: “No. It’s having a facelift. Better menus, beautiful décor, and a top chef and staff. Patience is a virtue.”

Louise Lambert seemed to agree by saying: “Yes, for better things to come.”

Other residents were certain it has closed.

Wez Bray said: “Yes it has”.

Michelle Scaly said: “Looks like it”.

Notizie will keep you updated with the situation as the news develops.

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